The apron and the abuse!



In certain occasion the women’s ministries invited my father to be a judge in an apron contest. My poor dad didn’t have a clue how to judge the craftsmanship shown in the different works. He noted however that all the aprons were very pretty in front bust not as well finished in the back. He then used the criteria of judging the best looking apron looking from its back.


The reality was that the back of many aprons were not as beautiful as their front. Similarly it has been surprising and appalling to find out about the several sexual abuse cases brought to light in the media these days. The secret side of many of the famous and illustrious celebrities has been revealed and what has been disclosed is not at all plausible.


Sexual abuse falls under abuse of power, which is when a person thinks that has the right to require and enforce whatever services from others simply because of the position or authority that he or she has over them. It is important to know that the word of God helps us understand that nobody has the right to abuse of the other and nobody deserves to be abused by the other!


To spot and correct the deviations from abusers and somehow that they compensate their victims is important and necessary. But we must remember that one day we will all have to stand before the eternal Judge, who sees and knows it all, and he will rewards us according to our public and private actions.


One day the “back of our apron” will be disclosed and may it be as beautiful as its front. If every day we go to the celestial father to help fix and correct all sides of our life, we can then live tranquilly and without fear to one day face the divine judgement.


  • How does the example of others influence our way of living? 

  • What can we do to live an exemplary life?


(Judge others, Mathew 7:1-5 – Whatever is hidden will be disclosed, Mark 4:21-25).


Originally published on 27/11/2017.

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Soy oficial del Ejército de Salvación desde 1983 donde por la gracia de Dios he tenido la oportunidad de ocupar varias funciones pastorales, administrativas y de liderazgo en Sudamérica, Europa y África.

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