Christmas diet!

Food and more food is what we get during an unending sequence of Christmas gatherings, and when we think we can no longer eat there is always another event that we must go to enjoy that irresistible plate. After this culinary marathon we are left with, gain of weight, high blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, amongst others.

In the Old Testament we read that Ezequiel ate the scroll of the scriptures and it was sweet in his mouth as honey. He certainly did not do it literally for that would have given him a tremendous stomach ache; he did it in a vision or a dream. The metaphor however is that the world of God tasted sweet as honey and didn´t give him any negative collateral effect.

Once the food is eaten it becomes part of our body, some people even say that we are what we eat. Therefore it is just natural that to have a healthy body we must search for a healthy and adequate diet. The same happens with the consumption of the Word of God, when we absorb it, it becomes part of our life and it contributes to our wellbeing.

The Christmas narrative in the gospel of John teaches us that Jesus is the eternal Word that became flesh amongst us. That is, Jesus wasn’t an ordinary baby but he is the son of God born into our world! When we realize who Jesus was and is, we begin to seek him for guidance for our life, we begin to be nurtured by his Word.

Like Ezequiel we can eat this Word and enjoy the benefits that it brings to us without having any negative collateral effect. To eat more of the Word of God and less of the Christmas dishes will certainly be good to our body and spirit. This is not a vision, is reality.

  • What are the Christmas dishes that you most appreciate?

  • How can you include Jesus in your Christmas menu?

(The prophet and the scriptures, Ezequiel 3:1-3 – The incarnation of Jesus, John 1:1-5).

Originally posted on 18/12/17.


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