Forest in flames!

Every year the wild fires devastate several forests of the world with impressive fury, capable to eliminate tremendous extensions of woodland and leave the nearby populations in maximum alert. When that happens, many people are preventively evacuated from their homes without knowing if they’ll come back to them. The present and future happiness of many is threatened by the rage and uncertainty of the flames.

Despite the uncertain future, the wishes of happy New Year received from friends and given to them reveal that we all aspire happiness. But what control do we have over what will happen in the future? We know that there are things that depend on us but there are also things that don’t, therefore how can we best position ourselves?

The New Testament teaches that our tongue can set a forest in flames. Hence if we want a happy new year, we certainly need to start by being careful about the things we say because our words have the power of burning our surroundings. The teaching in fact goes beyond and says that from the abundance of the heart speaks the mouth. Therefore, we must not only be careful with our tongue, but mainly be careful about the things we hold in our heart, because that’s where the content that goes out though our tongue comes from.

What the others hold in their hearts and speak may not depend on us, but the things we hold in our heart and speak certainly does. The happiness in the New Year will depend on our capability to perceive if the words coming from our heart and spoken by our tongue are destructive or constructive to our surroundings.

We tend to be very rigorous with the words we hear from others and very permissive with the words we speak to them. May the New Year allow us to fix that. May the New Year be as happy as our words will allow it.

  • Why do we speak offensive words toward others?

  • What words should we eliminate from our vocabulary?

(The tongue and the forest, James 3:4-6 – The heart and the mouth, Luke 6:43-45).

Originally posted on 01/01/18.


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