Light at the end of the tunnel!

In the middle of the dark night, my seven years old daughter would occasionally call me: Dad? Dad? And I would answer: what do you want? And she would say: nothing, I just wanted to know that you are there. Later in the night she would again call me: Dad? Dad? And I would again answer: what do you want? And she would once more say: nothing I just wanted to know you are there.

The night terror is something that frightens not only the children but also many adults. Similarly alarming, is when we go through periods of life feeling the days like long terrifying nights. Maybe a great loss or a disappointment that make us go into a dark long tunnel that we alone must cross it.

We are not kids anymore, but wouldn’t be good if in such occasions we could simply call: Dad? Dad? And hear his firm and comforting voice replying: What do you want child?

In the biblical Christmas story, we read that when the angel announced to Joseph that Mary would have the sun of God, he said that his name would be Emanuel, which means God with us. The truth is that regardless the dreadful situational tunnel that we may have to cross, we can do it in company of the one who is the light of the world and who transforms the dark night into clear day.

When God sent Jesus to be born in that manger, he was categorically saying as the good father that he is: Here I am to save you! We don’t need to be afraid of the present or future cloudy situations that we need to go through, we just need to call on him and he will answer: What do you want? I am here! Maybe our earthly father never took interest on us, but our heavenly one will never abandon us, and his light will always brighten our way.

  • What situations have darkened your days?

  • What can you do to leave darkness?

(The birth of Jesus Emanuel, Mathew 1:20-25 – Light of the world, John 8:12).

Originally posted on 25/12/17.


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