Lost Treasure!

Despite the tensions and risk of war between some countries, the analysts forecast a good year ahead, based on the recovery of the world economy. The international economic conjuncture has improved and therefore the national conjunctures also benefit. Expecting more money in the bank account we get excited and think that the future is guaranteed.

Jesus however taught that more important than to have treasures on earth is to have treasures in heaven. According to the master our horizon of future should not be limited to this world but should principally envision eternity, our perception as well should not only focus on material things but mainly on the spiritual ones.

There is no sin in wishing to improve life, buying a bigger house, acquiring a better car or dressing well. The problem is when these things become more valuable than the spiritual ones, when we prioritize the material and temporal over the spiritual and eternal searching for our wellbeing in detriment of others.

Therefore, the understanding we have about spirituality is determinant and must be clear. Jesus summarized it as being to love God over anything else and to love your neighbor as yourself. When we put God in first place and others right after it may appear that we are left behind, but the blessing is that when we do it we become the target of others who also love Him in first place and love ourselves as themselves.

The African saying defines it well: “alone we go faster but together we go further”. The reality is that when we place God in first place we find ourselves in a community that also does it and sincerely and disinterestedly loves us and cares for us. This is the true treasure that can guarantee a very good year ahead regardless of how much money we have in the bank!

  • How do you express love to God and to your neighbor?

  • In what circumstances do you let your neighbors love you?

(Treasures in Heaven, Matthew 6:19-21 – True spirituality, Luke 10:25-28).

Originally posted on 08/01/18.


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