Secret enemy!

During Christmas season is common in the various circles that we live, in the section where we work, the church group we attend, or amongst our friends and family to hold the “secret friends”(or “secret santa”). In this activity we write in small papers the name of those willing to participate and then in turns we pick up the paper with the name of the person to whom we should buy a gift according to the price established by the group.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate of this kind of gift exchange, and to lose the paper and forget the name of the person to whom I should give my present. When that happens one buys a neutral gift, something that can serve a man or a woman, as well as a young or older person. I believe that has also happened to people that should give the present to me because some of the gifts I have received don’t make any sense. Therefore sometimes I ironically believe that this type of exchange should be called “secret enemy”.

It is different however when we receive something that fits us well, something that looks like it has been designed specifically for us.

Interesting that the most special gift that we could ever receive, regardless of our race, color, gender, age, religion, social condition, team supported, etc… was tailored specifically for us and fits us all in perfect manner. A special gift that was given to us by an ever present friend! A gift that came wrapped in a manger: Jesus Christ the Savior!

In this Christmas as we search for presents to give our colleagues, friends and families, let us not forget the possibility of sharing Jesus with them. This will be the best gift that they will ever receive, a present of inestimable value that will serve them for eternity. This is a present that comes from a true friend!

  • What is the difference between useful and useless presents?

  • How can you give Jesus to your colleagues, friends and families?

(Gift to a King, Daniel 2:27-28 – Gift to a lame, Acts 3:1-8).

Originally posted on 11/12/17.


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