Unlike Frank Sinatra!

In 1969 Frank Sinatra the famous North American singer popularized the song “My Way”. The song goes about saying how he lived his life and in the chorus Sinatra repeats: “…I did it my way.” Maybe we don’t know who Frank Sinatra was, but to want to do things our way is something that we certainly have in common with his famous song, as if we were the owners of the universe.

We can only have a correct perspective of life, however, when we accept that we are not the center of the universe, but that in reality everything spins around the Creator who made it and we find in Him instructions for how to live. If the axel of the bicycle is off centered the ride gets bumpy; but if it is well centered the journey is smooth and comfortable.

When we understand that que are not the center of the universe, but that the Creator loves us so much that he sent his son to die in our place, we begin to have the correct perspective without over or under estimating ourselves. We begin to understand that we are neither superior nor inferior to everybody else.

Once we recognize that the Creator made the universe, we also accept that he made people at his own resemblance and image. We respect the Creator when we respect his creation. Other people become important to us as if they were our own family, as we take care and respect our own we begin to take care and respect others.

In truth to do things our way steals from us the possibility to experience the fullness of life which is only possible when we do things in a different way, putting God and others before ourselves. Life is short! Let live it to its fullness singing a song unlike Frank Sinatra, singing it in a Christ centered way!

  • What have you done your way that could have been done another way?

  • How could you do things in a Christ centered way?

(The great commandment, Mathew 22:34-40 – Same feeling as Christ, Philippians 2:3-5).

Originally published on 13/11/2017.


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