Where is the baby?

Several times my wife and I would look at each other and ask: “where is the baby?” Apprehensively we would search the house looking for our baby girl and would find her in the rarest places like under the bed, inside the kitchen sink or even inside the refrigerator.

The same apprehension we can feel these days prior to Christmas. We see Christmas promotions in commerce, Christmas parties in companies, Christmas movies on cinemas, much reference to Santa Claus everywhere, but: “where is the baby?”

The word Christmas is the shortened version from the old English “Christ’s mass” a catholic term meaning Christ’s celebration. Christmas is the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the birthday party of our Lord and Savior who was born 2017 years ago. He should be the motive of Christmas and be at the center of all of this season’s commemorations.

The practice of giving each other presents is a symbolic one. We give to others as if we would deservingly give to Jesus and we receive from others as we would undeservingly receive from him. When Jesus is in the context we give generously and receive with gratitude but if we take Jesus out of the picture we open ourselves to greed and ingratitude.

We can’t forget to whom belongs Christmas! The absence of the birthday baby transforms Christmas in a time of consumerism and hangover, while his presence can transform it in a time of true solidarity and joy. The presence of Jesus gives meaning not only to 25 of December but to every day of the year.

The baby grew and in the cross gave us salvation, which is the most precious gift we could ever receive. This baby provides us with life and abundant life. We must look till we find him, and when we find him we must include him in our everyday life.

  • When and where did you find Jesus for the first time?

  • What place does Jesus have in your everyday life?

(Found by the angels, Luke 2:12 – Found by the wise man, Mathew2:11).

Originally published on 04/12/2017.


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