Blue Blood

The expression blue blood was used in the past to designate those born into royal families. Those from royalty didn’t need to work hard under de sun, therefore they had a light-colored skin almost transparent through which their blue veins could be seen.

Once I heard a psychologist who was a specialist in personal development say that if a person wants to be successful in life he must choose well his own parents. To be born into a good family or to receive a good education from parents certainly is an enormous contribution towards having success in life.

Maybe we would have liked to be born in royal crib or to have the scientist Einstein, the evangelist Billy Graham, or the entrepreneur Steve Jobs as our father, however that did not happen. The reality is that one does not chooses his own parents or his own family, we are born where are born and we have the parents that we have.

This may be true in the natural life, but it does not apply to the spiritual life. The Bible teaches that God has already done all that was necessary for all to be his children. The sacrifice of Jesus is the providence that guarantees our adoption by our heavenly father. The truth is that God wants all to be his children.

We cannot choose our natural parents, but we can accept to be children of God. As his children we can enjoy our inheritance including the Holly Spirit which can be with us and in us every day to guide, empower and comfort us.

Maybe we don’t have blue blood, nor our father is a Superman, nevertheless we have a tremendous privilege because our heavenly father places us into his family and grants us with all that we need to have success in life!

  • What inheritance have you received from your natural family?

  • How do you use the inheritance received from your spiritual family?

(Children of God, John 1:12-13 – Heirs of God, Galatians 4:4-6).


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