First Love

One of the peculiarities of the Salvation Army is that its officers marry officers. In my case I met my wife when I was in the Training College in the city of São Paulo, Brazil studying to become an officer while she still wasn’t one. When I was commissioned they appointed me to Joinville, a city 550km south of São Paulo and my beloved entered Training College.

My feelings for her were so strong that once, taking advantage of the officer’s Monday day off, I drove very early morning to São Paulo just to see her for only 15 minutes and then make all the same route back to be in my post on Tuesday. I drove 1100 kilometers to see my dear for only 15 minutes but it was worthwhile, Tuesday I was renewed, energized (in those days the roads weren’t like today, neither was my car)!

Certainly we all have our own romantic stories, crazy things that we did for love in the past. My wife and I have now 32 years of marriage, our feelings remain stronger than ever, but today it would be difficult for me to drive 1100 kilometers to see her for only 15 minutes, I would probably just talk to her through Skype.

Curiously the reprimand received by the church of Ephesus according to the book of Revelations was because the church had “forsaken its first love”. When we get converted an extreme love invades our life and we walk as if we were walking on the clouds, however with time our love for God and his house sometimes seems to vanish. For the church of Ephesus the orientation was for it to go back doing what it did in the beginning.

This week when we celebrate Valentine’s Day lets us follow the biblical orientation and revive our first love. The first love for our partner but mainly and foremost the first love for our Lord!

  • What are some of the crazy things you have done for love?

  • What crazy things have you done for loving the Lord and his house?

(First love, Revelations 2:4-5 – Love to God, Mathew 22:36-37)


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