More than new notebook

In the southern hemisphere this is the time when the school year begins, therefore children and youth are returning to their studies after vacation. To go back to school always meant for me to start over. Sometimes I would get to December distressed to obtain the necessary grades, but for the new school year I would be relaxed embracing the opportunity to start anew.

I would finish the year supplicating for God’s help to ascend to the next school level and would promise Him that for his help I’d study more in the following year and things would be different. Our merciful Lord always helped me but the next period I’d be praying the same prayer again.

I was always thrilled to get different school material, change the old notebooks for newer and more modern ones. It was like a second chance to start again and write something new, fresh and different. Unfortunately however, few months into the year and the material would look aged again, the fear to fail would come back, and the prayer to ascend to next level would return.

It has been a while since I finished the formal studies, but many times different situations bring me back the same feelings as during those frustrated school cycles. As a student I had to come to grips that if I didn’t change my attitude, my acts would remain same and therefore the mediocre results would persist unchangeable. More than a second chance and new material what was needed was a new student.

In reality my prayer shouldn’t have been for God to help me ascend to the next level, but for Him to help me change my attitude. Equally so I believe our prayer today shouldn’t be to reach success, but that our attitude may change. More than new things, the Bible teaches that in Christ we can be a new creature!

  • How did you feel when starting a new school year?

  • What attitude changes have you seen in your life as a new creature?

(Triumphant life, 2 Corinthians 2:14 – New creature, 2 Corinthians 5:16-18)


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