Equality in sight!

The other day I was invited to have lunch at the Santiago Naval Club called Caleuche. Interesting that its name comes from a legend ghost ship from Patagonia and its table clothes have an inscription “Hic deletur omnis dissension” which translated from Latin is “This prevents any disagreement”.

According to my friend who took me to lunch at this pleasant club, the meaning of the table clothes is that no matter the rank of the marines, when they are in the club there are no differences amongst them, they are all equal. Undoubtedly the idea of promoting an equalitarian environment where sailors and admirals can have fellowship is interesting, but the challenge would be to keep those differences away as they leave the club.

Writing to the Galatians the apostle Paul proposed to them this possibility saying that in Christ there are no differences of race, of social classes or of gender for all are one. These differences shouldn’t be noticed when we are inside or outside of the churches.

Nevertheless the sad reality is that in our society these differences still exist. The immigrants are still treated with disdain, the poor with indifference and women with inferiority. Being Christians and being in Christ it is our responsibility to change this! We cannot accept or connive with false equality which like a ghost sometimes exists and sometimes disappears.

It is up to Christians to help build a society where people won’t be treated with prejudice but can everywhere develop their potential to the maximum. Each one of us can and must stand in defense and in favor of social justice. The bible teaches us that God takes social justice very seriously and therefore so should we.

  • Have you ever felt been treated differently in distinct environments?

  • What can you do to promote equality in your surroundings?

(One in Christ, Galatians 3:28 – Love for justice, Micah 6:8).


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