My Life´s Olympics

The winter Olympics is just finished but the spectacular images of excellent athletes competing skillfully on snow and ice will remain vivid in our memories. When I was a child this kind of images impacted me so much that I dreamed about becoming an important athlete.

I grew up practicing all sorts of sport and at university received a partial scholarship for playing soccer. I did not become a professional athlete but developed the appetite for physical exercises and noticed the benefits from it. In the first 25 year of officership I ran 10 kilometers per day and presently I frequently walk.

It was therefore with great surprise that, going through a medical exam due to a heart discomfort, I heard from the doctor: “you are going to have a heart attack at any minute and must undergo an angioplasty now”, that is, be immediately operated to implant a heart stent.

They took very good care of me, the surgery went amazingly well and in ten days I was back to the office with normal life. I must however confess that I was very disappointed with myself and asked the doctor how could that have happened if I had always done physical activity, taken care of what I eat and lived a steady life? The cardiologist replied: “you have a genetic problem, you inherited from you parents!”

Maybe not all of us have inherited illnesses from our parents, but the reality taught in the Bible is that we have all inherited our sinful nature from them. Our tendency towards sin comes from the Eden and it is on our genes. The other side of the teaching is that if we accept Jesus as our Savior we become children of God and therefore we develop his divine gene on ourselves.

This knowledge allows us not only to understand our human limited nature but mainly to develop our unlimited divine one. Let’s run towards that!

  • Which negative characteristics have you inherited from your parents?

  • Which positive characteristics are you inheriting from God?

(Sinful nature, Romans 5:18-21 – Divine nature, Romans 8:1-4)


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