Lesson from a child

One of the appointments that I’ve had in the Salvation Army is Public Relations. Important part in this post is the work done to raise funds for the Army’s work.

Once we were launching a financial campaign and the publicity agency that helped us wanted photos of children that were really being helped by our programs. One morning with the parents due permission, I drove 5 children to a long photo shooting session at the agency. As the session went beyond lunch, I ended up taking them to eat some burgers with french fries.

Not to overextend the time we stopped at a drive-thru to enable us to eat on the go. While distributing the food, not to get the car dirty, I told them to eat it all and throw the left overs in the plastic bag. The car was new and needed to be kept clean. At the end of the ride I got mad with one of the girls because instead of eating and getting rid of the garbage she was seating on top of her hamburger and fries dirtying the seat.

I yelled at her: “Didn’t I tell you to eat and get rid of the garbage without dirtying the car?” I will never forget her answer: “I’m sorry captain; I was saving it for my little brothers because they don’t have what to eat!” I became speechless. Here I was, a pastor worried about the new car, and here was this little 8 years old girl worried about her family.

Over and over I’ve had to ask God to forgive me for my reversal of values not only then but on many other times. The Bible teaches that family is a divine and sacred institution, which must be prioritized and cherished without ever forgetting that people are more important than things. Let’s praise God for our family and take good care of it.

  • In which occasions do you neglect your family (your parents, spouse, brothers and children)?

  • In which occasions do you really prioritize and cherish your family (your parents, spouse, brothers and children)?

(Marriage blessed by God, Genesis 2:22-25 – Children are blessings of God, Psalms 127:3-5)


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