Flight of Life

On 31 May 2009 the Air France flight 447 which did the route Rio Paris crashed at the northeastern sea of Brazil. The flight attendant Junior dos Santos, son of officer friends, should have been in that flight.

Feeling unwell to be on the flight Junior changed shifts with another flight attendant who gladly accepted to replace him with no problem. Approximately at 2:30 am, the flight disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean killing 228 people on board, including the flight attendant who gladly substituted for him. If he had known that the plain would crash he would not have accepted to change shifts with Junior. In fact knowing that the plain would crash nobody would have been in it.

We read in the bible that something similar has happened to us, not by chance but intentionally. Jesus voluntarily took our place and suffered the death punishment that for our sins we should have suffered. Jesus exchanged places with us and paid the price for our sin. Now we can have life because he died in our place.

In our days sin is a worn out word. It has sometimes carried an overly prohibitive meaning and other times an overly permissive one. However taking Jesus’ summary about the divine law of “loving God over anyone else and loving others as self”, sin is therefore not to love God in that way and neither loving others as self.

Because of our alienation to the Creator, or as it is said our rebellion towards him, we should be punished, but God still loved and loves us so much that he sent his son to die in our place. Jesus accepted to change places with us, he agreed to sit on our seat. On the cross he died in order for us to live granting us the possibility to love generously! Let’s enjoy life, being loved and loving!

  • Which shapes and forms has sin taken in your life?

  • How has God’s love allowed you to love others and yourself?

(Reword of sin, Romans 3:23 – Result with Jesus, John 10:10)


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