Proud Donkey

The biblical story tells that before being crucified Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem. The means of transportation used was a donkey that carried him through the people as they opened the way to cheer him and acclaim him with the shout: “Hosanna to the Son of David”!

Humorously it is said that as he faced such a cheering crowd, the donkey filled with vanity, inflated its chest and walking proudly believed that the clapping was for him. One laughs trying to imagine such a scene: how could the donkey believe such a thing? The fact is that the same happens unnoticed to us without us realizing how ridiculous it is.

As disciples of Jesus we have the privilege to take the message of our Savior to other people. At times this task puts us in position of honor where people applaud us because of the magnitude of the content that we deliver to them. Facing this acclamation it can happen that like the donkey we feel tempted to think that the applause is for us.

Our church the Salvation Army constantly receives cheering. Society mainly acclaims us for our social service network and for our action on emergency disasters. We must however recognize that if we do good things we do it because we carry on and in us the one who can grant abundant life to people, Jesus Christ!

It is necessary to admit that we are only the vehicle that transports the gloriously message of salvation, therefore we do have some importance, but much more important is the one who we carry and the applause is for Him only.

Maybe the best teaching about this subject comes from John the Baptist. People were impressed by his ministry and wanted to acclaim him, however very lucidly speaking about Jesus he told them: “He must become greater; I must become less”. May we recognize our place as servants of Jesus Christ! “Hosanna to the Son of David”!

  • Have you ever been tempted to receive the applauses that were for Jesus?

  • How and when do you carry Jesus to other people?

(Jesus’ triumphant entry, Mathew 21:5 – John the Baptist’s answer, John 3:30).


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