“If pretty, can be naked, but if ugly must cover up”. This is the phrase that I heard on the corridor outside the office where two important church leaders talked.  I was surprised to hear such a statement and immediately confronted them about the issue. The thing was that they were trying to furnish the office with used furniture, and one mentioned to the other that they had just received an used armchair and the other replied: “If pretty can, be naked (the armchair), but if ugly must cover up with some kind of cloth”.


The truth is that they weren’t talking anything bad, the bad however was in my rushed suspicion, jumping into premature conclusion without the necessary knowledge. The positive is that the issue was immediately clarified. Many times however our rushed interpretation of what we think to have heard or have seen is passed on to others without the due investigation. When that happens we contribute to spread lies.


As Christians we should always be alert and look for truth of the matter without jumping into conclusions. Even more so we should never pass on to others half-truths because a half truth is in reality a complete lie.


Many conflicts could be avoided if we would only investigate the matter without jumping into premature conclusions, because frequently our sinful nature betray us and make us wrongly or maliciously understand that which we quickly hear or see.


Interesting that Jesus related to all people and understood them without prejudices, it happened with the women with bad reputation, with the inspector that was corrupted and with many others.  His secret was that he took interest on people and took time to listen to their full and not in half version, therefore he didn’t mistakenly interpreted them. Let’s do the same so that our reading of people can be honest and not mistaken causing unnecessary misunderstandings.


  • When and why have you ever misunderstood others?

  • When and why have others ever misunderstood you?


(Pure thoughts, Philippians 4:8 – Caution to listen and to talk, James 1:19-20).





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January 6, 2020

Mi familia se ríe de mí pues cuando camino o me paro, mantengo mi brazo y mano izquierda como si apuntase al suelo, manteniendo mi dedo índice extendido en dirección al piso y los dedos medio, anular y meñique doblados hacia la palma de mi mano. Lite...

November 18, 2019

Cuando queremos decir que todas las alternativas llegan al mismo destino normalmente usamos la expresión “todos los caminos conducen a Roma”.  De hecho, el imperio Romano que dominó el mundo de 27ac hasta 476dc, construyó más de 80 mil kilómetros de...

November 11, 2019

Mis papás iniciaron la obra del Ejército de Salvación en Portugal, entonces viví en Lisboa justamente en la época que sucedió la “revolución de los claveles”. Esa fue la revolución que el 25 de Abril de 1974 provocó la caída de la dictadura salazaris...

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Sobre mi

Soy oficial del Ejército de Salvación desde 1983 donde por la gracia de Dios he tenido la oportunidad de ocupar varias funciones pastorales, administrativas y de liderazgo en Sudamérica, Europa y África.

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