I’ve always been fascinated by those jugglers that maintain spinning plates on top of sticks. They begin by spinning just one plate and then go on adding more till reaching a couple dozen plates spinning at the same time on several sticks. They achieve that for some time, but at the end they get tired and the plates and sticks begin to fall and break.

Sometimes I feel like these jugglers. I start new projects with much enthusiasm, but with time I get tired and the projects begin to fade along the way and at the end very little gets accomplished. Have you ever had that feeling?

There is however a great difference between those jugglers and the Christians. While their effort is done individually, Christians work together collectively. The bible teaches that we are part of a body, the body of Christ, where there are several members executing complementary functions all working together under a master that leads us with perfection.

This comprehension helps us to understand that we are not alone, nor do we need to face things solitarily, there are mature Christians around us who can support and help us with whatever we need. The thing is that most times we are the ones to shut down that possibility and end up in individualistic isolation.

In the body of Christ, we can find shoulders to receive comfort, hands to share the loads, and heads to reflect together. Like a top consultancy ready to offer us abundant life, if we only would be open to receive it.

We don’t need to continue as solitary jugglers, we can follow on as solidary pilgrims under the command of a master who knows the way like no other. He has faced all situations that we must encounter, and he knows the best way. The master calls us to receive the input from others as well as to offer them our own. Let’s try it to preserve the plates without breaking them!

  • When and where have you acted like a juggler?

  • When and where have you received the consultancy from the Body of Christ?

(Mutual support, Galatians 6:2 – The master who knows the way, Hebrew 4:15-16).


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