Some years ago as I left my house with the car, a driver coming in the opposite direction invaded my lane and crashed into me destroying the whole side of the vehicle. As I questioned him what had happened and why had he invaded my space, he answered: “I got distracted looking at a beautiful girl walking on the sidewalk”.

This driver’s distraction could have had much worse consequences, he could have ran over a child or over another person, but thanks to God there were only material damages which he later on reimbursed me.

Different things or situations can distract us and these distractions invariably affect us personally and collectively. The driver who crashed into me was driving a car that wasn’t his and didn’t have insurance, therefore because of his distraction he had to pay for the repair my car causing inconveniences to himself and to the owner who lend him the car.

We tend to believe that only the distractions of some specific professionals like the air pilots, surgeon doctors or security agents can cause serious consequences; however our distractions can also cause them.

In the spiritual life journey our serene progress is also hindered by the distractions. The bible alerts us to maintain our look fixed on the lord Jesus Christ without allowing the distractions to blur the way in which we should walk.

Maybe this time that we live in has more distractions than ever before and the majority of them invite us to detour from our walk with the Lord. Let’s choose our destination well and walk without losing focus. It is important to understand that the problem wasn’t really the beautiful girl on the sidewalk; the problem was the driver not looking where he was going. Let’s move forward without looking back.

  • What damages have you suffer because of your own distractions?

  • Which distractions detour you from the way you have chosen?

(Look at Jesus, Hebrews 12:1-2 – Avoid distractions, Mathew 14:29-30).


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