More than words

Being the youngest of three brothers I grew up as the spoiled one in the family. My mom always showed me great affection and I would seat on her lap and hug her declaring myself saying: “I love you mom, you are the best mom in the world, there’s no mom like you”.

Once when I was making one of these declarations my mother told me, as you love me so much dry the plates I’ve just washed, and I replied: “I love you but not that much”! As I grew up I understood that love must be expressed not only with words but also with demonstrative actions.

Many times we catch ourselves answering to God like I answered to my mother. God asks us for something and we reply to him: “I love you but not that much”!

When we truly love, what is important to the loved one becomes important to us and we are moved to do something about it that goes beyond our limited words declaration. We read in the new testament that for three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved him and three times Peter answered yes to the master, and therefore for three times Jesus added: “so take care of my sheep”.

If we love God what is important to him becomes important to us and when we act about it we discover our true vocation in life. Surely that to attend church and to hear the word of God make us feel good, there we learn how much God loves us and we declare how much we love him, but if that is all we lose the opportunity to act over what is important to him.

God calls us to express our love for him through concrete actions aimed towards others, to all others, including our enemies.

  • How do you show your love to God in your actions towards others?

  • What is important to God that you haven’t yet acted upon?

(Love beyond words, 1 John 3:16-18 – Love for all, Luke 6:6-35).


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