Don’t insult my Mother!

Call me what you wish but don’t insult my mother! This was the code of ethics amongst the kids where I grew up. We didn’t have the electronic games of today therefore simple things like a ball would suffice for us to play at home with the cousins, at school with colleagues or in the street with the neighbors.

In several occasions we were so competitive that the tensions would arise and we would begin to insult each other. That was accepted and understood as long as the insults wouldn’t affect our mother. As soon as a mother was mentioned the fists would immediately rise up and start flying with rage.

We understood that mothers are our origin, our essence, our first love and to insult them was to surpass all the acceptable limits. The smallest would like a giant face the biggest if the big one insulted his mother. We have now grown up and aren’t kids anymore, maybe our mother is quite old or even not with us anymore. This however should not stop us from defending the mothers.

In a society and time much more male dominant than now, a time when women and children weren’t even counted, Jesus wasn’t intimidated to intentionally treasure and defend them. We must follow the master’s example and like giants oppose all the verbal, physical or psychological abuse that the old, young and future mothers still continue to suffer in our days.

Mother’s day shouldn’t be once a year but every day. They must be respected and defended in the home, academic and labor environments during the 365 days of the year. To be indifferent to this topic is to allow that the acceptable limits be surpassed. Call me what you wish but don’t insult my mother, or any other!

  • How do you honor and treasure your mother?

  • What do you do to respect and defend women?

(Honor mothers, Exodus 20:12 – Defend women, John 8:7-11).


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