Life is not a game!

In the game “follow the leader” the participants gather in a circle and one of them leads the others in making the same sound or gesture that he makes; then a person from outside the circle is brought into the circle and, amongst all making the same sound and gesture, he has to guess who their leader is.

It takes some time for the outsider to identify who is the leader. The best the people in the circle follow the leader, the more difficult it is for the incomer to discover who the leader is, but after some wrong guesses he ends up discovering.

The same can happen in the churches when we act as the wrong guessing discoverer. We follow the imitator and not the leader and when he stumbles we feel misguided for not having payed attention to the true leader.

Many get discouraged and even give up their faith when they perceive the sins of those who they hold as exemplary. It is necessary to understand that as important as they might be, the people that we admire are only followers like us also trying to identify the true leader Jesus Christ who is worthy to be followed by all.

Much more than a game leader, Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of humanity; and much more than a harmless joke, life is real and possesses dangerous ways. Therefore we cannot risk following any other but the one who is the true eternal guide.

Jesus is not personally amongst us but he is present through his Holly Spirit who was sent by God the Father to guide us in his absence. It might seem difficult to discern him but the truth is that we can recognize him when we focus on the one that leads others in doing the most good.

  • Why do we at times get discourage by human leaders?

  • How do you identify the leadership of the Holy Spirit?

(Human leadership, 1 Corinthians 3:4-6 – Leadership of the Holy Spirit, John 14:25-26).


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