Called to Play

For a Latin American kid to play soccer is the maximum in life! At any place, at any space, at any time, everything is left behind, everything is forgotten just to run after a ball and kick it.

Two of the kids usually act as captains and take turns in choosing one after the other the ones that will make up their team. The kids anxiously align to be chosen and when their names are called they greatly rejoice but when their names are forgotten they sadly grieve. I can remember as if it were yesterday the joy of been called and the sadness of been forgotten.

It appears that it is not much different amongst the professional players waiting to be called to play at the nearing world cup, they anxiously away for their names to be chosen by the national coaches.

Interesting that in God’s team nobody is left out, all are called to participate! The New Testament teaches us that God choses everyone, but those that hear and follow the call can take part on his team. Sadly however some shut down their ears not to hear the call or ignore the Lord’s call and miss the greatest joy they could ever have in their life.

There are other calls, the call to make lots of money, the call to have fame and power, or the call to enjoy worldly pleasures. When we follow these calls we find out that they only produce a transient and deceiving joy.

Nothing compares to the lasting joy of belonging to God’s team and to live the abundant life that He offers to his children. Our father is calling us insistently to be part of his team; like kids, let’s leave everything behind and run to his arms to play. In God’s team no one is left out, we are all called to participate, including you and me!

  1. In what kind of sports did you like to play as a child?

  2. How do you participate today in Jesus’ team?

(Our election by the master, John 15:16 – The election of the disciples, Mathew 4:19-20).


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