The shadow of failure

After having gone through a long qualifying process in their own continents, thirty two national teams are arriving at the football (soccer) world cup. They will now compete to find out which one will be the best team of the planet, the champion of champions.

Since its first edition in Uruguay in 1930, the Brazilian team with five world titles is historically the one with best retrospect during the existence of this competition. Such recollection could point them as the favorites, but their elimination by the Germans on the last edition, when they lost at home by 7X1, left them hesitant.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how strong we are, the failures of the past commonly make us fearful to face similar situations ahead of us. Like to drive after a bad accident, search for work after being fired, or retake a test after failing it.

The same happens with our spirituality, our past sins threaten our walk in search for holiness. After having previously fallen into temptation and sinned we fear the risk of falling again and feel incapable to firmly walk and we do it timidly.

However the bible teaches that we don’t take the spiritual journey alone. We do it hand in hand with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who through his Spirit walks side by side with us, giving us direction and strength to continue. Also teaches that ours sins have been paid for and erased. The presence of Jesus with us makes disappear all and every previous shadow.

Life’s world championship has already begun, our individual and collective performance is important. We can learn from past defeats, avoid the mistakes made and improve our strategy forward. With Christ, our past failures don’t remain as obstacles to hinder our way but as trampolines to project us onward.

  • Which failures of the past threaten your ways today?

  • How can Jesus help you to face your shadows of the past?

(Erased sins, Isaiah 43:25 – Triumphant life, 2 Corinthians 2:14).


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