Yellow Card

In the game of football (soccer) when players commit a foul the referee can show them two different color cards for their misconduct. The yellow card is shown when a player commits a medium foul or too many small fouls, and the red card is shown when the player receives a second yellow card or when committing a serious foul. When receiving a red card the player must leave the field and cannot be substituted.

This system was invented by the British referee Ken Aston and introduced for the first time in the world football championship of 1970. The idea was to improve the communication between the referee and the players from different countries for them to have a common understanding despite of their different languages. The inspiration came from the previous world championship when an Argentinian player clamed not to have understood the referee’s call.

The cards became fundamental to organize the game because without it the players would surpass all reasonable limits and agreed rules. Similar process is used by God to guide his children. When we are reconciled with Him a profound peace invades our heart, and it is exactly this peace that acts as indicator to us when we deviate from his divine rules.

When we behave improperly the peace of Christ in us diminishes and like the yellow card reveals to us our deviance and indicates the need to return to what is right. When we insist in our deviance and continue to apart from the rules the more that precious peace of Christ fades away. That’s God’s way to clearly warn us.

Let’s enjoy life and live it to its fullness, but respecting the rules of the Creator without deviating from his good ways, for it would be sad to receive the red card from the eternal referee and be expelled forever.

  • In which situations has the Lord shown you the yellow card?

  • How do you react when receiving the yellow card from the Lord?

(The indication from peace, Colossians 3:15 – The reaction to the referee, Hebrews 3:7-9)


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