Male Chauvinism

Years ago while flying from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro the pilot as usual welcomed those on board and explained the flight details trough the PA system. Hearing the pilot’s name and the information provided, I realized that in control of the plane there was a woman and not a man. I suddenly froze and became worried!

Surely my sudden fear was not because a woman wouldn’t be able to fly a plane but because I wasn’t used to be flown by women pilots. Throughout the years women have come to competently execute functions that were usually performed by men. The truth is that I had a pleasant flight and that the airplane landed smoothly with no problems at its destination.

The common understanding in the past was that men were the only providers for the family while women were the only carers of the home. This concept and practice has evolved to today’s mentality that women also contribute as providers and men also contribute as carers.

A balanced interpretation of the Eden bible teaching helps us to understand that God’s original idea was never for men or women to independently dominate, but for “both” to govern the creation as equals. It is important to consider that the male dominance was only introduced after the “fall” and not as a prize but as a punishment.

When we understand that Jesus’ sacrifice in the cross counteracts the “fall” enabling God’s original idea to prevail, we realize that in the egalitarian and friendly way between men and women there is no room for male chauvinisms but only mutual respect. One must not dominate over the other but both must submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ. This reality must be learned and demonstrated by the children of God!

  • How can women help to provide for the family?

  • How can men help to care for the home?

(God’s original idea, Genesis 1:28 – The mutual interdependency, 1 Corinthians 11:11-12)


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