False Reality

One new interesting feature of the world football (soccer) championship in Russia has been the use of the VAR, the “Video Assistant Referee”. When there is doubt about a specific play the referee stops the game, watches the video replay to clarity what exactly happened in the unclear play and then decides according to the revealed facts.

The VAR has caught many players faking situations, mainly by those trying to amplify normal contact on regular plays or simulating receiving aggressions in order to deceive the referee to whistle in their favor. The VAR has revealed that there are many players who should maybe be in the theater rather than in the ball field.

Unfortunately however the faking and simulations not only happens on the ball field but also on the field of real life. Sadly our society lives of appearances and we are pushed to perform according to the societal expectations rather than to to be authentic in our way of being. Many times we appear to be who we are not and we are who we do not appear to be.

As contradictory as it may seem this faking also happens in the church despite the fact that been the house of the heavenly father should be the place where transparency should be considered normal. Nevertheless there are times when our life as believers is a façade instead of an offspring of our heart, we act to please men and not to sincerely delight our creator.

The bible teaches that God is the eternal omniscient judge! Much more precise than the VAR from the football (soccer) championship, he sees it all and knows it all. In his presence it is impossible to fake, he accepts us as we are, forgives our sins, and helps us to live with excellence. In his presence we can be completely transparent, and with his presence we can reflect his light to our society without faking.

  • In which situations are you unable to be transparent?

  • How can God who sees it all help you?

(God knows everything about us, Psalm 139:1-4 – Nothing is hidden from God, Marc 4:21-23)


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