The popular saying says that “to err is human, to forgive is divine” and as humans we can surely agree that we have greater tendency to err than to forgive. We have also de inclination to expect that others should forgive us for our mistakes but difficulty to forgive them for theirs.

We frequently hear the phrase, “he doesn’t deserve forgiveness for what he did”, or “for that reason she isn’t worthy of my forgiveness”. Whatever might be the case or circumstance the fact is that forgiveness is exactly something undeserved! Nobody deserves or is worthy of it. It is impossible to buy, conquer or inherit it. That’s the magnitude of the meaning of forgiveness.

The greatest example of forgiveness came from God himself who in the cross forgave humanity. Because of love God sent his son Jesus to suffer our punishment and to die in our place. Such forgiveness allowed for our innocence, regeneration and adoption. God as Judge declared us innocent, as Creator made us reborn and as Father adopt us to his family.

We all need to be forgiven and to forgive, no matter how noble or bad our attitudes and actions are. That’s why God’s forgiveness is so important, for it is his forgiveness that heals and enables us to forgive. God’s forgiveness restores hope, repairs what’s broken, heals wounds, open ways where there are dead ends.

Forgiveness is also deeply therapeutic to the person who forgives. No to forgive means to continue to carry the hurt and resentment, to continue to suffer the pain caused by the other or the painful circumstance. Forgiveness heals not only the person who is forgiven but also the person who forgives.

God has forgiven us of such a great offence against him and restored us hope, now is our turn. Unforgivable is not to forgive.

  • How does God’s forgiveness acts in the way you forgive others?

  • Have you gotten rid of all hurt and resentments through forgiveness?

(God’s forgiveness, Luke 23:33-34 – Brother’s forgiveness, Mathew 18:21-22)


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