Without Asphyxia

Before the airplanes takeoff there is always a period of announcements from the flight crew indicating the safety features of the aircraft. The journeys begin with a demonstration from the flight attendants or an instructive video showing what is to be done in case of any problem during the flight.

One of these recommendations is that in case of depressurization of the cabin oxygen masks will fall in front of the passenger who must put it on before trying to help others. It means that the passenger must not try to help anybody else before he himself puts on the mask and restores his own breathing, only afterwards can he try to help others.

This is a very sound recommendation not only for flight situations but also for other circumstances of life. As Christians we are called to help others, frequently however we do it adequately. There is little practical and objective aid and much unfounded advises. Although we might think that we are in condition to advise others we must always remember Jesus’ warning for us to consider our own deviances before considering the ones from others.

Interesting that in the garden of Eden God breathed over the dust of the ground and man became a living being. God continues to be the Creator and continues to breathe over his children. It is up to his children to inhale deeply this breath and transmit life to those who need it. Many people around are being asphyxiated by the pollution of sin, they don’t need our personal judgement or interpretations, they need the breath that God can breathe through us.

We cannot help others before we deeply inhale the breath of God. Oxygenated with this breath we can healthily and abundantly pass it on to other people in need without imposing conditions and prejudices.

  • When and how do you receive the breath from God?

  • When and how do you pass on the breath from God?

(Personal deviances, Mathew 7:3-5 – Breath from God, Genesis 2:7)


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