Time doesn’t stop

In this week I wish to praise the Lord because “blogcomisionado.com” celebrates its first year of existence! The original dream to share with others the experiences that God has allowed me to live has become a reality and the “blog” has readers in several parts of the world. Thank you for weekly reading it!

This first year has passed incredibly fast. To realize that time doesn’t stop and that it passes so rapidly can be frightening! To look at the mirror and discover white hair in our head and wrinkles in our face unveils to us this hard reality. To look around and see that some of our friends have already left us is even more impacting.

Time is passing by and it is natural to ask ourselves: what am I doing with my time, or what am I doing with my life? It is worth investigating our passed agendas to verify how much time we spent with useless things and how much time we spent with really relevant ones. It is said that time is money therefore to waste time it would be like to waste money. Time however is more precious than money, for lost money can be recovered, but wasted time is irrecoverable.

If we are true Christians our time really belongs to Christ. Therefore we shouldn’t spend it carelessly but use it intentionally according to the teachings of His word.

Before departing, Jesus mentioned to his disciples how they should use their time, he told them to “go and make other disciples”! The master’s indication continues to be the same, as 21st century disciples we are called by Jesus to use time with our gifts and abilities to produce other disciples.

Within my limitations I use part of my time to write the “blogcomisionado.com” to somehow help form other disciples and I wish to invite you to also use your time according to the master’s indication.

  • What could you do away with and what could you include in your agenda?

  • How do you use your gifts and abilities to form other disciples?

(Disciple makers, Mathew 28:19-20 – Witnesses of Jesus, Acts 1:7-8)


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