A dog or a child

In 1982 Brazilian musicians launched an interesting rock called “The dog’s Rock”, composed by Leo Jaime and sang by Eduardo Dusek. On its chorus it repeated: “Exchange your dog for a child…” As it can be imagined the song generated many different reactions. Regardless of the poetic or melodic quality, this rock alerted for the fact that sometimes we treat people as animals and animals as people.

Economic financial data indicates that the pet shop industry is exponentially growing all around the world and its business already surpasses 100 billion dollars per year. The reality of this growth is easily seen in the shelves of the supermarkets in the increasing spaces given to the multiple pet products.

To take good care of God’s creation is an original mandate since the Garden of Eden and therefore it is nice to realize that society is taking better care of its animals. It is sad however to verify that sometimes the animals receive better care and attention than the poor children. In fact the care of children in general is very questionable.

As never before in history we talk about the importance of children but also as never before we transfer to others the responsibility for their care. To obey the mandate from Eden and take good care of the creation is more than to take better care of the animals or better care of the environment, it is mainly to improve how we care for the human beings. It means to improve the quality and quantity of our devotion to the little ones.

As Christians we must assume our responsibility for the little ones and take good care of them, not only for our own but for the ones around us. We can improve how we relate and interact with our children, nephews, grandchildren, little neighbors and others. Contrary to the song, let’s keep the dog, but monst and foremost let’s keep the children!

  • Who are the children that are influenced by you?

  • How can you improve the quality and quantity of time spent with the children?

(To care for the creation, Genesis 1:28 – To visit the orphans, James 1:27)


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