Robed in Paris


When my wife and I reached 15 years of marriage we decide to celebrate it in special fashion and taking advantage that she was going to London for a conference, we went one week earlier to go on a train tour from England to Italy passing through France. Our idea was to get to Roma and there see the Coliseum and other touristic Christian sites.


On the way visiting the beautiful city of Paris, while on the subway a thief unnoticed took all the money I had in one of my pockets. Fortunately I also had money in another pocket but only enough to return to London and not to follow on to Rome as we wished. Our dream vacation ended up much inferior than what we had planned.


Having never been robed in the streets of South America we didn’t expect that to happen in Paris; however in a moment of distraction, trying to find our way on the map as tourists, a malicious individual took advantage of our naiveness and took our money.  The reality is that in our present days this can happen in any city of the world.


In the New Testament the Word of God teaches that our spiritual distraction can cause us even greater loss. The worse thief of all, the Devil, like a roaring lion wants to steal, kill and destroy us. Aware of his presence and intentions we cannot go on through life indifferent to his tremendous threat. 


Surely we want God’s blessing over ourselves, over our family and our friends, but the Lord will not do what is up to us to do it. We had never been robed in South America not because there aren’t thieves over there but because over there we walk in constant alert. The same consciousness we must have as we follow our plans of life.


  • What could the Devil steal from you?

  • How can you avoid the Devil’s action?


(The Devil’s objective, John 10:10 – The Devil’s action, 1 Peter 5:8)


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January 6, 2020

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November 18, 2019

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November 11, 2019

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Sobre mi

Soy oficial del Ejército de Salvación desde 1983 donde por la gracia de Dios he tenido la oportunidad de ocupar varias funciones pastorales, administrativas y de liderazgo en Sudamérica, Europa y África.

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