Believer RoboCop

The science fiction movie “RoboCop” tells the story of a police man who is brutally assassinated by a group of criminals but is later revived by a cybernetic office that manages to restore his head and mind but reconstructs him in a robotic body. In his new reality the police man keeps his reasoning but receives an extraordinary body to be able to face his enemies.

I frequently think that it would be great to be like the “RoboCop”. To be able to firmly face and win against the enemy of my soul, the Devil, who so often beats me with his attacks and makes me look like a fool exposing my weaknesses and powerlessness to defend myself and to oppose him.

The Bible teaches us that yes we can be even stronger and more efficient than the “Robocop”. The Word of God presents to us the possibility of dressing the armor of God to be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. The truth is that this armor is available to all and is fit made for each one allowing full protection to all that dress it.

We were dead in our sins but God in Jesus gave us back our life, and now resurrected with Christ we can dress his armor and face all the attacks of the enemy and his gang. This is not a film or fiction; it is the pure reality available to all Christians to live.

In the movie, although the police man received a new special body, the head and thinking remained his own. Interesting that similarly God respects our free will, which is our capacity to decide for ourselves. He gives us the possibility to dress his powerful and indestructible armor but he does not force us to do it. It is up to us to recognize our weakness and to decide to dress the divine invincible armor.

  • Which are your weaknesses and vulnerabilities susceptible to the Devils attack?

  • What do you need to dress the invincible armor of God?

(The armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-11 – The opposition to the Devil, James 4:7)


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