Chocolate in our teeth

I believe that we all have had the opportunity to observe the comic situation when little kids insist in denying having done something wrong when they did, for example, when they eat a cake that they weren’t supposed to. Despite the traces of chocolate in their teeth and cheek, they deny having done it and suggest that maybe someone else did it.

One notices that from very early age the human being has the tendency to dissimulate its own mistakes and to transfer its blame to others. Sadly this characteristic grows as we get older and reveals the innate human sinfulness which must be treated. Like children we adults also try to disguise our own stumbles and to look for someone else to blame.

The main target for our complaints as believers is the Devil, but despite the Devil’s existence objective to make us fall, we cannot hold him responsible for the negative consequences of decisions that are solely ours. The Devil will always search to induce for wrong, but the decision to accept his recommendation is ours. Poor Devil, many times we incorrectly assign to him the blame that is entirely ours.

The reality is that beyond having to learn to fight against the Devil evil schemes, we must mainly to learn to deal with our own sinfulness. The only healthy way to overcome our sinful nature is to feed our new nature which was made available to us by Jesus Christ on the cross. There is provision to all in Jesus’ sacrifice.

It would be sad if we as grownups wouldn’t be able to show our teeth due to having bitten an improper tart remaining with the bitter taste of sin in our mouth without the freshness of clean teeth. With Jesus our smile can demonstrate the glow of holiness without the traces of grunge.

  • Which are the impurities that your old self smile used to revealed?

  • Which are the radiances that your new self in Christ smile reveals?

(Innate sinfulness, James, 1:14-15 – New life in Christ, Ephesians 4:22-24)


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