Frustrated Expectations

During these days I had to go to the Salvation Army International Headquarters therefore I flew from Santiago to London via Madrid and came back through the same route. Having to go on a Saturday to come back the following Wednesday I expected a tiring trip, however the reality turned even worse. Wednesday at midnight while connecting back in Madrid, two hours after we had boarded, the captain asked all passengers to leave the aircraft for there was a technical problem that needed to be fixed.

I left the airplane rather upset and very tired, and my frustration increased even more when I learned that we should spend the whole night at the airport to follow journey Thursday afternoon. I spent sixteen long hours at the airport becoming exhausted and devastated for not continuing the journey.

Frustrated expectations annoy us tremendously. When we can’t reach something that we very much long for we feel disappointed and defeated. This happens not only in the academic and professional sphere but also in the personal and private one. Maybe failing to achieve the aspired diploma, the desired salary, or conquering the dreamed loved person.

The truth is that my flight delay was not as bad as initially seemed; much worse would have been to continue on a punctual flight with a technical problem, for the aircraft could have crashed and that indeed would have been catastrophic.

A pause in our progress doesn’t necessarily mean defeat and failure, it can mean an interval to redefine strategies and plan over to follow on the best route. Despite our frustration it can be a time to perceive God’s real presence with us and his angels’ actual protection from danger and evil. After all, more important than to leave punctually is to arrive home.

  • Which delays have you experimented in your journey of life?

  • How can you see God’s hand in the delays you have lived?

(Apparent frustrations, Habakkuk 3:17-18 – Care from the angel, Psalms 34:7-8)


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