Behind the sun glasses

The origin of the sun glasses apparently goes back to the first century when Nero the megalomaniac emperor of Rome already used it. It is from the thirteen century however the more precise information about this device. In the Artic it was used as a vision protector to face the excessive polar brightness and in China it was used by the judges to prevent the contenders to know the expression of their eyes.

Sun glasses as we have it today were popularized by the Ray Ban brand when in the beginning of the last century the North American pilots started wearing it to improve their vison while flying against the sun.

In our days besides been an important vision protector and significant clothing accessory, the dark lenses have unfortunately become an effective way to cover up wounded faces. The sad reality is that as a result of violence, behind the sun glasses there are often bruises being hidden.

To cover the error is the best way to perpetuate it. To disguise the aggression is to hide the aggressor. It is understandable that the injured person may feel ashamed and afraid to expose its own situation but its passiveness will only worsen its reality. The violence cycle needs to be broken in order to enable the victim and the aggressor to relearn how to best live their lives.

Physical, verbal or psychological violence are unacceptable in the lives of those who profess being Christians. The children of God know that in Christ there is a new behavior code based on love as the fundament of all relations. Therefore is up to the believers to live a life without violence always making the effort to eradicate the abuse and mistreatment from their own lives, from the lives of their families and from the lives of their communities. So that behind the lenses there might be unharmed lives enjoying the sun shine.

  • Which have been the occasions that you felt abused by others?

  • Which have been the occasions that you have abused others?

(The new commandment, John 13:34-35 – The new behavior, Philippians 2:3-4)


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