Master plumb line

The plumb line is an old construction tool which helps the builder to erect the walls upright. It’s a weight hanged by a cord that serves to signal the vertical line to be followed by the one placing the bricks. When the tool is used and the line followed the wall gets built unsloped.

For Christians the Bible is like the plumb line, a divine tool that indicates the eternal reference for building life. Therefore the Protestant Reform can be understood as the occasion when God through Martin Luther applied this tool on the church, revealing the existing deviations and indicating the corrections to be made.

The Reform teaches us that the genuine truth must be preserved and the deviation from it must be corrected, but mainly and foremost that the indispensable tool to do that is the Bible, the eternal Word of God.

For the wall to be rightly built it is not enough to follow the plumb line to place two or three layers of bricks, all of them must be placed according to its orientation. The Reform happened more than 500 years ago, the bricks were then well set, but now in the 21st century is up to us to continue to place them according to the divine referential.

Present sociologists recognize that in our days we not only live in a time of changes but in a change of times. This means that changes are generalized, profound and absolute. This is the context in which the church continues its construction and it must do it focusing on how to keep faithful to the Word of God but also how to be relevant to the present days.

Therefore the Reform cannot be considered as an isolated historic event but as an ongoing construction that we as Christian individuals and as the church of Christ undertake following the Lord’s master plumb line.

  • Which are the deviances that the Bible allows you to see in the construction of your own life?

  • Which are the corrections that the Bible indicates to be done in the construction of your own life?

(The objective of the plumb line, 2 Timothy 3:16 – The use of the plumb line, Mathew 7:24)


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