Final Destination

In times of Halloween the theme of “death” usually appears disguised as harmless and humorous. However nothing can be more concerning than to dissimulate something that can have devastating consequences.

People have always been fascinated with death but in our days this attraction has reached unbearable levels. One walks on the streets and sees kids dressed as skeletons or in similar costumes as if that is something perfectly normal. A society that accepts that its children play with death denies them the possibility of life.

If we compare life as an air trip, death is the airport where to change airplanes to follow on to the second stretch of the journey. In the first part everyone flies together, but in the second one the passengers fly towards different destinations.

The Word of God teaches that there are two destinations, the eternal salvation or the eternal damnation. Those who accepted Jesus as their Savior in the first stretch have received from Him the seat reservation on the flight to salvation, but those who rejected it have their seat reservation on the flight to damnation.

We should not emphasize damnation as an interesting goal but highlight salvation as the desirable destination. For those with seats going to salvation, the journey will be fabulous but for those with other seats it will be catastrophic.

Now is the opportunity to receive the ticket towards salvation, before the airplane lands and we have to change to the other airplane. One only needs to accept Jesus as savior for the ticket towards salvation to be guaranteed. Something that will eternally affect our life cannot be looked at as a joke; it must be faced with total clarity.

  • Why are people so much attracted to death in our days?

  • When did you receive your ticket to salvation?

(Expected death, Psalms 90:10 – Unexpected death, Luke 12:20)



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