Human Warmth

Sometime ago I became very surprised and scared when the doctor told me that I could have a heart attack at any minute and therefore should immediately be submitted to surgery to introduce a stent in my heart. My nervousness increased even more when they took me to the operating theater and quickly started with all the procedures.

After the operation my distressed worsen when I noticed that the nurses who were taken me back to my room seemed to be too concern about my vital signs. During those moments of distress one nurse, who I didn’t know and couldn’t even see her face, simply put her hand in my forearm and with her touch and human warmth profoundly and completely calmed me down.

Maybe not all of us have had this same kind of experience, but surely everyone has lived occasions of getting worried, of losing peace and getting agitated. In these moments we long for a touch without malice and with much tenderness, a touch that even without words can strongly speak to us bringing the necessary serenity.

Likewise there are times when the others are the ones who need this kind of touch and we are the ones who can provide it to them. Maybe a hug, a hand shake or kiss that can respectfully transmit our sincere solidarity and support. A touch that can assure the other person that he or she is not alone.

Sadly there are other kinds of touches, touches of malice and abuse that instead of restoring destruct, instead of healing hurt, and instead of blessing curse. Nevertheless, the existence of these perverted and distorted touches should not impede us from respectfully and affectionately manifest the human warmth that we all need and which is so vital to all of us in so many occasions.

Jesus healed people with his touch, we should learn with the master to do the same!

  • How do you notice the difference between from a malicious touch and an affectionate one?

  • Which are the times when you most need a sincere hug?

(The healing touch, Mathew 8:3 – The forgiving touch, Luke 15:20)



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