Never Late

I remember a man that every time he went home from work and didn’t find his wife there waiting for him with his dinner prepared and slippers ready, he would go to fetch her at church to care for him and violently drag her out from the service. He thought that she spent too much time at church and too little time with him.

Having been born and raised at church she had a different perspective and used to pray for him. She prayed for 17 years till her prayer was finally answered and her husband got converted. Interesting that he started going directly from work to church and if he didn’t find her there he would gently go fetch her at home. A true change of attitude and action!

As Christians we have the privilege to know that God can change ourselves, change our family, and change our community. It is a change of attitude and action that progressively affects our environment, like a pebble thrown on the lake creating rings that expand outwardly on the water.

Living on a technological era where all things are instantaneous and fast, we are influenced to want everything for yesterday, but we need to learn to believe in God, trust in him, and wait on him. As rapid as our world is, a pregnancy takes 9 months, to speed it or delay it compromises the result. Likewise God’s time is always perfect.

Conversion is both an instantaneous and a continuous process, in the moment of conversion the direction to go changes immediately but to progress in that direction takes an entire life. Let’s have the certainty of being in the right direction and the confidence to know that God is doing his work on us and through us. God is never late, and the sister who prayed for her husband knew it.

  • Which prayers God has answered you and which ones he has not yet answered?

  • How has God worked in your life and through you?

(To wait on the Lord, Philippians 4:6 – To follow the Lord, Hebrews 12:1-2)



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