Christian Rooter

Like any other dad I tried to influence my daughters to be fans of the same football team that I root for. I recall once when I took them to the stadium for a game against our rival team. We were seating together with the supporters of our team when my older daughter only 8 years old, seeing the enthusiasm of the adversary’s supporters and observing that they were more cheerful than our group asked me: Dad, can we go sit on the other side of the stadium with the other rooters?

Being a faithful fan of my team I did not consent to move from our place and we stayed there till the end of the game, but from that date onwards, my daughter became a supporter of the rival team. As much as it was difficult for me to recognize, the fact is that they had a much more cheerful group of supporters than ours and my daughter wanted to be part of their joyfulness.

The truth is that enthusiasm is contagious and people prefer to be part of joy than sadness. As Christians we have the responsibility to attract people to the Lord Jesus and that will depend on our capacity to celebrate him living the abundant life he offers us. If people can see on us that life, they will come closer if not they will go away.

When Jesus was here on earth he lived surrounded by people, men, women, children, were all around him interested to hear what he had to say. His word was always hopeful and that captivated them. More than to point out the impossibilities the Master pointed out the possibilities as being the viable and real alternative for all his followers.

We are the rooters of Crist, may we be able to attract many others to our group losing no one to the adversary and together lets praise the true victorious one!

  • What are the motives that attract to you or repel from Christians?

  • What can you do to increase the numbers of rooters for Christ?

(Reason for joy, Luke 10:20 – Frequency of joy, Philippians 4:4)


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