¿What if it were true?

The Santa Claus legend, which has broadly been explored by commerce, has its origin in Christian Western culture and tells us about a nice old man with long hair and beard who lives in the North Pole and brings presents to children in time of Christmas. The children on the other hand write letters to him presenting their wish lists waiting for him to bring their requests on Christmas day.

It’s just a legend, but what if it were true? What if we could really make a wish list including all we desire most and present it to a person who could really meet our needs and grant us with what we want the most? The Bible teaches that this possibility exists! Not that we present our wish list to Father Christmas but that we present it to Father God and he will grant not what we want but what is best for us.

In fact, the best present we could ever receive has already been given to us. God the Father gave us his son Jesus who was born in a manger to be our Savior. When we accept this present our life changes and we can present our petitions to the Father in the name of Jesus. Through Jesus we can have access to God the Father and there is no need for a letter, an email, or even a telephone call; a prayer is enough.

After all what do you wish? What are the desires of your heart? Present them in prayer to God the Father in the name of Jesus. This is not a nice legend for children but the reality of life which we can experience. The biblical history is full of examples of common people like you and me who prayed and received. Now is our turn.

  • What do you need to include in you petition list to God?

  • When do you intend to present your petition list to the Heavenly Father?

(Petitions through Jesus, John 14:13-14 – Sincere petitions, Mark 6:5-6)


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