Eating from the Manger

This time of the year everywhere we look we see the nativity scene, the baby in the manger together with Marie and Joseph surrounded by the wise men, the pastors, the angels and the animals. From all corners of the world craftsmen, painters, sculptures, interpret and reproduce this scene in all forms and styles. Many people admired by these artistic objects acquired them and even collect them.

This picture comes from the biblical story and tells that not finding a place in Bethlehem to be lodged, Marie, who was pregnant ready to give birth, was taken by her fiancé to the only place he could find; a stable with a manger. The next day this manger became the cradle of God’s baby son.

It is significant to realize that the One who was born in the manger, a container from where the animals are fed, became the One who multiplied the loaves and fishes, becoming himself the bread of life. He is not only the provider of our daily physical food moreover he is our everlasting spiritual nourishment.

The nutritionists warn us to pay attention when buying the food that we eat reading carefully the packages’ labels advising us to always look for the healthier alternatives. This way we can avoid the harmful products and consume the most beneficial ones to our health. Imagine finding a label containing this information “consume abundantly, product doesn’t expires, high in providing eternal life.

It is normal in this time of the year to get together with our colleagues and friends and specially gather our family to participate of many Christmas luncheons and dinners. While we do it let’s not forget to eat from the One who was born in the manger and can feed our body as well as our spirit satisfying us entirely.

  • Which foods are harmful to you, which are beneficial?

  • How can Jesus feed us entirely?

(The physical food, Mathew 14:19-20 – The eternal food, John 6:50-51)



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