Déjà vu

The French expression “Déjà vu” which means “already seen”, describes the sensation that one has when living a new situation but feeling like having lived it before. It is like having the clear impression of living a recurrence of a prior experience although living it for the first time. This phenomenon was first identified and named in the beginning of last century by the French parapsychologist Émile Boirac.

To begin a new year can make us have that impression, to feel like there is nothing new and that we are only following life’s routine reliving familiar situations. However, it doesn’t have to be like that! The passed is gone and can’t be changed but the future has yet to come and can be different. Past experiences can help us to build a distinct and better future.

The word of God teaches us that we reap what we sow. Therefore if we continue to plant the same we will harvest the same, but if we want to reap better quality and quantity we need to carefully choose the seed and sow it abundantly. Each moment is an opportunity to minimize our waste and maximize our productivity.

During these days it is worth to consider how we sow and reap to realize if the result of our efforts is satisfactory. Past setbacks do not necessarily mean future failures and past successes don’t automatically ensure future achievements. Every single day we must intentionally act to achieve the desired goals moving from a vicious to a virtuous circle.

The life of a Christian is not a monotonous routine but a new, progressive and growing experience which ensures pleasure in waking up every day to a joyful experience as never before. Or as the French would say “Jamais vu”, which means “never seen”! Happy New Year!

  • Which harvest do you expect to gather in the New Year from the seeds sowed this year?

  • What can you do to move from the vicious to the virtuous circle?

(Splendorous path, Proverbs, 4:18-19 – Progressive path, Philippians 3:13-14)



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