Two Presidents

The political crisis in Venezuela has generated an unusual situation; two gentlemen proclaim themselves to be the rightful president of the country. In one side is Nicolás Maduro whose reelection is seen by some as fraudulent and on the other Juan Guaidó whose proclamation is seen by others as illegal. The country and the world are divided without knowing who to recognize and support as the true leader of that nation.

As it always happens, while the powerful and the politicians don’t agree, the people are the ones who suffer most becoming hostage of the situation increasingly having less money and food, having to look for whatever alternative ways to survive.

The duality of authority generates ambiguity and loss in all areas of life including the spiritual one. It seems obvious that Christian should follow Christ, but in a world of so many trends of ideas, many of which been opposite and cruel to Christianity, the believer gets confused and many times threatened to go onward.

It is important to understand that our decisions and indecisions have inevitable consequences. In this time as in all others, Christians have to know why and how to follow Christ. The Master said that his disciples should be salt and light and therefore should not be indifferent to what happens around them but should influence and illuminate their surroundings.

When our spirituality only stays in the theoretical and ethereal we don’t influence nor illuminate, but when it materializes in daily and practical living, the biblical principles become visible to our surroundings and the people around can feel the impact and see the way. The world needs Christians to follow Christ without hesitation showing in concrete ways the evidence that there is only one Lord and his name is Jesus Christ.

  • Which are the evidences that Jesus is your only Lord?

  • How do you try to be salt and light in your community?

(Chose who to serve, Joshua 24:14-15 – Impossibility to serve two masters, Mathew 6:24)


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