Foreseen tragedy

Sad news in the media these days has been the disaster caused by the disruption of the wall from the dam holding residues of steel minerals in the city of Brumadinho in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This collapse originated an alluvium of toxic mud swallowing everything on its way, killing more than 300 people besides causing environmental damage.

The families of the victims, the residents of the city and the society in general are now outraged questioning: How can one of the biggest mining companies of the world, with billions in annual profit, manage risk so poorly allowing the existence of cracks in the dam built with outdated technology without taking the necessary measures? People are angry thinking that this tragedy could have been avoided.

This same indignation we should have with our personal and spiritual matters and learn that it is better to prevent than to remediate. The Word of God is full of warnings about our passiveness towards our own personal mistakes. How can we keep indifferent to the warnings from God in his Word despite of the tragic announced consequences? We cannot continue to ignore the divine warnings as if the risks didn’t exist.

The Word of God teaches that sin affects us and our family with nefarious consequences but also teaches that obedience to God result in marvelous blessings to us and our own. This knowledge should motivate us to study and follow the bible with maximum attention to avoid the traps of life and to enjoy the good that it has to offer us.

Before been swallowed by the sinful mud we would do well to follow the biblical advice and distance ourselves from the toxic practices of sin. Let’s run to a safe place, let’s run to the presence of the eternal God, next to him there is no risk.

  • In which ways have your personal mistakes affected your life?

  • How do you escape from the sinful mud?

(The result of obedience, Deuteronomy 28:1-2 – The consequence of disobedience, Deuteronomy 18:15)



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