Never Outdated

I’ll never forget the first time I felt completely outdated. We were going out as a family to a Mall when my daughters asked me if was going with the pants I was wearing. I said yes and inquired them what was wrong with my pants. They answered: “dad they are old fashioned nobody wears those anymore only the elderly”.

Modernity always introduces new concepts, changes in clothes, automobiles, including the architecture. Not only esthetics suffers changes but also the ideas, the ideals, and the way to interpret life as well. If the changes were only esthetical it would be easy, to change pants would be enough, but to undergo a change of mentality is always harder and painful.

We learn to interpret life from the perspective of our environment. We interpret our reality influenced by our surroundings, initially by our parents and family and later on by our colleagues and friends. Usually that which is routine and common we classify as normal and desirable while what is different and new we see as abnormal and threatening.

Each generation interprets reality in a particular way consolidating its own values and expectations. The generational crisis is the clash of these different interpretations made from the same reality. The advantage that Christians have is that being citizens of the Kingdom of God they are influenced by what is lasting and unchanging rather than by what is transient and finite. This allows them to build an interpretation based on essence and not esthetics.

The Christian life doesn’t consist in following a series of outdated religious dogmas but in satisfying the soul with the Living Water and sharing that water with others who are thirsty. If our spirituality is only based on rules we will stay outdated but if it is founded on the Lord Jesus we will always be renewed.

  • How do you define religiosity and spirituality?

  • What’s the difference between esthetics and essence?

(River with rejuvenating water, Psalms 1:1-3 – River with living water, John 7:37-38)


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