Friends for Life

The song written for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games is unforgettable. The British musical singer Sarah Brightman and the Spanish lyric tenor Josep Carreras brilliantly interpreted the composition “Friends for Life” (Amigos para Siempre) by the authors Andrew Lloyd and Don Black (music and lyrics).

This beautiful song that stayed graved in our collective memory ends its chorus with the phrase: “Friends for life, not just a summer or a spring, amigos para siempre”. Despite the powerful message sang, many friendships that begun that summer no longer exist.

My wife and I decided to write in our marriage rings a similar phrase and had engraved in booth of them the words “forever yours”. Thirty three years have passed and we thank God that our friendship and love has lasted and continues grow stronger every day. We thank God because following the heavenly fathers’ teachings is what has allowed us to develop a happy and healthy marriage.

Sadly in our days and for different reasons many couples do not live a relation of friendship and love. Instead of cooperation there is competition, instead of affection there is violence, instead of fidelity there is betrayal. Trust is lost and the friendship bond is broken. This sad reality is seen not only between the married couples but the single ones as well.

The Word of God teaches that besides been our Lord and Savior, Jesus is also our friend and a very special one. A friend not only capable of helping us build and rebuild our friendships with one another, but overall, a friend that despite our mistakes loves us so much that always continues to search ways to help us be better persons. With Jesus we can truly have a relationship of Friends for Life!

  • How do you nurture your friendships with others?

  • How does you friendship with Jesus is shown?

(Friend of God, James 2:23 – Friends of Jesus, John 15:13-15)



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