Obscene Look

In one of her appointments my wife was the administrator of a women’s residential for university students in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. In this establishment some of the ladies already had their higher education degrees and were working on other post graduate ones.

On the way from the residential to the subway station there was beer warehouse where some men could always be seen loading and unloading the trucks with beer bottles. These were simple labor workers who, without filtering their words, would shout out their vulgar compliments to the girls passing by.

Looking at one of the ladies going to the subway, one of these guys was enchanted by her physical attributes and pronounced an obscene flattery adding an indecent proposal. Right on the spot the lady gave him voice of arrest for contempt and sent him to the police squad. If he had known that the pretty lady was a police officer studying to become a judge he would probably have measured his words.

The sad reality is that this type of episode is too much recurrent just about everywhere and in all social classes. Men still see themselves as having the right to treat women with inferiority and vulgarity. It is true that the opposite also happens, women also mistreat men, but the statistics show a tremendous disproportion revealing that the mistreatment of men towards women is way more frequent.

As Christian our greater example is Jesus Christ and he was always respectful, understanding, supportive and affectionate in his attitude and behavior towards the opposite sex. If we say we follow him, we cannot accept another kind of conduct in our family or in our community, with our own or with the others.

  • When does your attitude and behavior insult the opposite sex?

  • What can you change to be more like Jesus?

(Jesus doesn’t discriminates the Samaritan woman, John 4:27 – Jesus trusts Mary Magdalene, John 20:17-18)


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