True Jewel

When my wife and I reached 30 years of marriage I gave her an new engagement ring as a symbol of renewal and confirmation of the covenant of love and fidelity we undertook many years ago. The ring is very nice, is made in white gold and has diamond on it.

With time the ring became somewhat opaque and scratched due to the exposition to the daily works and we sent it back to the original jeweler to be polished. Afterwards when the ring came back we were surprised and happy to see how bright and nice it once again became. We learned that this jewel has a specific maintenance routine and it is natural that from time to time it needs to be polished.

Not only the ring but the marriage itself with time gets worn out and deteriorated through the several situations of life and loses its initial enchantment and joy. The key to maintain the harmony and happiness in marriage is the existence of dialogue and the facing of divergences.

Different from monologue, dialogue is when two people speak and are understood. Divergences on the other hand are the clash of different viewpoints from distinct people. Therefore when dialogue is increased and divergences are softened the possibility for understanding and cooperation so vital for conjugal life can be achieved.

The bible teaches that “what God has joined together, let no one separate” and that is the secret for the marital continuous renovation. Like the jeweler who made the jewel knows how to restore it, God who joined the couple, knows how to maintain that junction. When man and woman kneel before the author of life they find the necessary platform of understanding and cooperation. May the Lord continue to polish our marriage for it to keep shining!

  • Which situations can wear out and deteriorate the marriage?

  • How can we restore the marital union radiance?

(Man and women united by God, Mathew 19:5-6 – Harmonic living, Philippians 2:3-4)


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